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The "Lerch"

how we live

There has been a farm at Oberdöbernitzen 4 for over 400 years. And since then the farm has been managed by our family. Lerch is the vulgar name and comes from the larch - a native tree that is also at home and grows in our forests.

Today, three generations run the farm, which specializes in animal husbandry.


Life at the Lerch is shaped by nature and the seasons. In the morning, at 5 a.m., when the birds sing for the first time, we are also awake. Because our daily routine is determined by the rhythm of our animals - and they want to be milked, fed and cared for in the morning.

There is then fresh milk at the breakfast table. In general, the holiday of our guests is an experience of our everyday life at the Lerch. You can smell the scent of freshly baked bread  from under the apple tree, taste the first drop of raspberry jam or call the animals by their names - they understand and listen too.

Holidays with the Lerch are adventure and relaxation in equal measure - but always in harmony with nature.

Your Themeßl family

Kleine Ziegen


Our animals not only determine our daily routine, they are also family members.

They all have a name and are always happy about an extra helping of cuddles.

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Kleine Katzen
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